Gary Magic City Plan – Arts and Culture survey results

The Arts and Culture Committee has reached our first 100 (and four) surveys! Still one more question to process and then a better presentation, but here’s the data.

updated: 6:43am // 4 Sept 2018

1 “Select one that best describes you”
Full Time Gary Resident 66
Part Time Gary Resident 16
Non-resident/lives in NW Indiana 22
Non-resident/lives outside NW Indiana 3

2 “How would you describe your interest in the arts? Please circle one:”
I love the arts and enjoy doing them 53
I love the arts but just enjoy observing 25
Casually interested in the arts 22
Not interested in the arts 4

3 – Which terms best describe you? Circle all that apply.
Art/Design Student 25
Collector 16
Curator 2
Dancer 23
Enthusiast 28
Musician 32
Painter 17
Patron 15
Photographer 17
Poet 9
Writer 25
Teacher 3
Actor 2

Singer, Singer w/ Chorus, Event Planner, Basketball, Promoter, Mentor, Film/Media, Me, Creator, Library Board Member, Extreme Hobbiest, Tech, Sports 1

4 – What are your favorite types of art? Circle all that apply.

Architecture 32
Comic/Illustration 26
Dance 44
Fabric/Textiles 17
Film 46
Graphic Design 29
Literature 25
Music 78
Painting 42
Printmaking 11
Sculpture 22
Theatre/Performance 38

Papercraft, Off the Cuff Writing, Mixed Media, Storytelling, Drama, Anime, Puppetry 1

5 In The Last Year Have You

Attended An Art Show 32
Attended An Arts Workshop 26
Attended A Concert 40
Attended A Dance Performance 32
Attended A Play 37
Attended A School-Related Event 27
Attended An Arts/Culture Event In Gary 27
Attended An Arts/Culture Event In NWI 18
Attended An Arts/Culture Event In Chicago 25
Read A Poem 45
Written A Poem 30
Written A Story 29
Written A Song 26
Painted, Drawn, Or Sketched Something 34
Performed Music 26
Danced 25



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