Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 18 Nov

East Chicago Housing Authority filed noticed that West Calumet Complex residents who vacated due to health risks as far back as July 22 2015 can apply for a housing voucher and relocation benefits.

Attorneys Walter Alvarez and Eric Pavlack has filed an intent to sue a wide array of local, state, and federal officials on behalf of 251 West Calumet residents. Office holders receiving the notice of intention include East Chicago Mayor Anthony Copeland, East Chicago’s public and environmental health department, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Indiana Department of Health, the state of Indiana, Gov. Mike Pence, and the School City of East Chicago.

Chicago magazine featured the work of photojournalist Alyssa Schukar, who is no stranger to East Chicago. Her photographs of Marktown residents still adorn that former planned workers’ community.

The East Chicago Redevelopment Commission has approved $200,000 of rehabilitation projects, including one in the East Calumet neighborhood, zone 3 of the Superfund site.

The Veterans Day holiday was cited as one reason by the ECHA for the slow dispersal of checks to West Calumet Complex residents who are prepared to move but are still awaiting their promised funds. According to the NWI Times, ECHA attorney stated that checks will now be cut twice a week.

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