Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 6 Oct

Indiana Public Media reports on the NAACP’s healthy food drive and looks at failures on city, state, and national levels to correctly report instances of lead poisoning in East Chicago. According to city attorney Carla Morgan the city’s testing program has been in disarray since 2011. The state, which does the actual testing, hasn’t delivered results in three years. The failures of the CDC and EPA have been well documented.

NBC Chicago offers a cursory report (with video) about the lead, arsenic, and displacements crisis in West Calumet, failing to mention the housing discrimination complaint filed by pro bono attorneys at the Shriver Center.

Gary 411 has an overview of two recent meetings in East Chicago, the chaotic EPA meeting on 24 September and the organized community meeting held on 1 October.


One comment on “Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 6 Oct

  1. What will it take to get widespread attention from national media ? Death ? Because that is certainly on the way .. if not already . This is sickening


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