Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 4 Oct

Ever since limousines sent by a Crown Point-based firm began arriving in the West Calumet Complex local organizers have wondered if certain attorneys were looking to make a ‘quick buck’ from a tragedy. Sarah Reese explores ethical issues surrounding legal representation of West Calumet Complex residents in today’s NWI Times. The attorney in question, Walter Alvarez, released a statement saying that the limos were a practical solution to transportation problems faced by prospective clients and that everyone picked up had previously contacted his office to inquire about representation.

Calumet residents from any of the 3 EPA-designated Superfund zones are invited to join the first Community Advisory Group meeting this Saturday afternoon at the Pastrick Branch of the East Chicago Public Library.

No mention of the lead and arsenic crisis at last night’s Indiana gubernatorial debate.

Chicago television news was in East Chicago yesterday as the EPA continued excavating and replacing contaminated soils of homeowners in zone 3, the East Calumet neighborhood. Only Fox News Chicago also made mention of the looming displacement of zone 1 residents. CBS Chicago did not.
shady lawyers get called out

The Gary Crusader offers a good overview of official responses to the lead and arsenic crisis in the West Calumet Complex.

Attempted propaganda from a chauvinist sectarian group fails to consider affected people living outside the West Calumet Complex.


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