Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 3 Oct

Calumet Lives Matter points out that with all that West Calumet Complex residents are going through, East Chicago office holders are finding time to party. Letters for a $1000 per plate dinner to re-elect East Chicago mayor Anthony Copeland bear the name of his campaign manager Tia Cauley, who is also head of the East Chicago Housing Authority.

The EPA has begun excavating the soils in zone 3, hoping to clean 19 properties before winter, leaving hundreds of contaminated properties over until the spring 2017.

Will the lead and arsenic crisis in East Chicago factor in tomorrow’s Vice Presidential debate? For weeks social media users have pressed debate moderator Elaine Quijano and Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine to press Indiana Governor Mike Pence on the issue.


One comment on “Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 3 Oct

  1. I just finished live stream of Indiana Governor Debate. Each candidate had 2 opportunities to bring up any topic. Nothing, Not a peep. In fact, in the hour the farthest north they mentioned was Lafayette. Nothing on the pollution, the toxicity, the infant mortality, the school… Sigh,


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