Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 29 Sept

Continued fallout over a grossly inaccurate 2011 CDC report first mentioned by Reuters news service yesterday, with Huffington Post and even both contributing stories today.

Indiana school superintendent Glenda Ritz visited the new Carrie Gosch elementary school on Wednesday and heaped praised on the School City of East Chicago. The superintendent reassured that “forgiving” the $3 million loan to retro-fit the shuttered West Side Jr High building will be “part of the conversation.” Enrolled at the new Carrie Gosch is down almost 200 students, with enrollment “constantly changing” each day.

Indiana Public Media reported on downstate Republican Congressman and Indiana Senate candidate Todd Young’s bill for $8.5 million in tax credits for more low-income housing in Indiana. In the report an East Chicago landlord says that he’d need thousands to bring his properties up to code to meet requirements for federal housing vouchers.

An image provided by Calumet Lives Matter shows the extent of wind-distributed lead reaching far beyond the former factory site and immediate Calumet neighborhood, into the Washington Park neighborhood to the north and as far south as Hammond’s Hessville neighborhood.


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