Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 28 Sept

Reuters cites another Judas Goat: a 2011 CDC report stating that “breathing the air, drinking tap water or playing in soil in neighborhoods near the USS Lead Site is not expected to harm people’s health,” that “nearly 100 percent” of Calumet children has been tested for lead exposure, and that “declining blood lead levels in small children appear to confirm that they are no longer exposed to lead from any source.”

Downstate Indiana Republican Congressman and Indiana Senate candidate Todd Young is seeking $8.5 million in relief funds for West Calumet Complex residents. His opponent’s campaign accused Young of “cynicism and opportunism.” Local office holders Randolph and Visclosky are happy to take whatever help they can get, tho chances of the legislation passing are slim with Congressional vacations ahead.

East Chicago Housing Authority has left the pool at West Calumet Complex undrained and uncovered, as shown in video from resident Sherry Hunter.


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