Maiaco In Gary Update – 24 Sept

A meeting held on 15 September at St Timothy, hosted by the Gary Downtown-Emerson Spotlight group was titled Understanding Maiaco and promised “some key City Department Heads” along with the Redevelopment Commission. Neither were fully achieved. Only the Gary Redevelopment Commission was present, and many from the audience of 60 went home confused, suspicious, or at the very least resigned to life in an aging city.

Gary Development director Joe Van Dyke opened with a brief explanation of Maiaco and his perception of Gary residents’ fears regarding privatized redevelopment and outside capital (skyrises?):


Here he is asked what the Maiaco agreement would mean for current Gary residents living in areas with high vacancies and empty lots:


Here he replies to a request for a clear, simple breakdown of what Maiaco is and how it operates:


And here a property owner from Aetna asks why current residents aren’t better engaged (a question long asked all over the city):

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