Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 21 Sept

After nearly half a week of media silence the East Chicago lead and arsenic crisis is again the focus on local and state media. Apparently yesterday our absentee-governor may have done something:

“Large numbers” of the 578 letters to registered voters in the West Calumet Complex instructing the displaced citizens on their voting options have been returned to sender. Nevertheless the Lake County Election Board will not be removing the names from the voters’ list. Those remaining will have to travel to a different polling station.

Indiana Public Media offers a detailed report and audio feature on problems faced by the School City of East Chicago. While enrollment is dropping bus routes have “doubled and tripled” as West Calumet Complex students who usually walked are now being bused across the city. The school superintendent mentions in the article that teachers developed a lesson plan on the contamination crisis; yet she did not speak to this, even when asked on Saturday in Gary at the King-Chavez Social Justice Awards:

Indiana Public Media’s Annie Ropiek reports on struggles of West Calumet Complex residents to find housing as the dislocation deadline fast approaches. The story links to 24 pages of documents given to residents from the East Chicago Housing Authority. Of the 50 landlords listed on the two year old document, only two said they had openings. Another ten stated they’ve had to turn away dozens of calls.

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