Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 5 Sept

Calumet residents have been failed by the agencies designed to protect their right to a clean, healthy environment. They have been ignored by one faction of politicians and fed pleasantries from the other. Their questions are not being answered. Some do not know where they will go. But the Lake County Elections Board is mailing letters informing the 568 registered voters in East Chicago’s 14th Precinct how they can go about voting this November.

Veracity in Defiance, one of the first media groups to document the Calumet lead crisis, have returned with an 11-minute video Environmental Monsters in the Midwest – and yes, they affect you. ViD follows East Chicago organizer Thomas Frank on one of his “Toxic Tours” of Northwest Indiana, highlighting the many injustices effecting residents of the Calumet industrial corridor. The Calumet community is not featured, but important context explains why environmental injustices abound in Northwest Indiana.


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