Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 4 Sept

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton revisited the crisis in East Chicago this morning, hosting West Calumet resident Shaunte O’Berry and attorney Kate Walz to discuss the recent discrimination complaint filed by the Shriver Center against the East Chicago Housing Authority:

The NWI Times has created a timeline, starting in 1906 and becoming extremely detailed by the 1990s. Sarah Reese of the Times takes a detailed look into decades of lead refining, decades of meagre oversite from local, state, and federal agencies, and decades of neglect from those institutions.

Lauren Cross reports from EPA-designated zones 2 and 3. The EPA has so far tested 400 properties in zone 3 (East Calumet) and will begin removing soil from 19 properties this month. Arsenic testing conducted up to two years ago is still not available to residents. Soiling testing finally has begun in zone 2, the part of the community not covered in the 2014 consent decree. So far 360 or 586 property owners have consented to sampling, with the EPA concentrating on properties south of east 149th Street.

The Times Editorial Board has a fourth editorial.

The Post Tribune reported that the East Chicago Public Library has seen a surge of visitors to the local archives. So much so that librarians have created a special collection to accommodate researchers. Unfortunately they will not find much about the opening of the West Calumet Complex.


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