Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 1 Sept

Lakeshore radio (89.1 FM) will broadcast both parts of NWI Times’ Byline podcast on Labor Day at noon. Links to Lakeshore’s coverage of the crisis can be found here. Today the Times covered the Shriver Center complaint and John Gregg’s visit to East Chicago.

WFYI in Indianapolis reports on 17 children under the age of 7 with high levels of lead in their blood.

WBEZ has a brief audio update on John Gregg’s visit to East Chicago, with longer text from Michael Puente. Another one minute audio piece from yesterday reports on HUD’s difficulties in aiding West Calumet Complex residents.

International news is still paying attention. Russia Today ran its second article. And from Al Jazeera:


One comment on “Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 1 Sept

  1. Why would anyone suspect an industry that was making 440 tons of lead per day in 1914 and operated from 1906 to 1985 would pose any public health hazard?

    Dateline East Chicago, Indiana 1985:

    “Vicinity of USS Lead Refining – The lead levels ranged from 100 mg/kg at point 11U to 11,000 mg/kg at point 12U with six locations containing lead levels in excess of 1100 mg/kg.”

    See: [ ] ‘Inspection Report of Hammond Lead and USS Lead Refining Soil Survey – Hammond and East Chicago, Indiana’ by Central District Office, Environmental Services Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region V, Chicago, Illinois, October 15, 1985 , Page 2.

    So the evidence shows that U.S. EPA knew in 1985 that Lead levels almost three times the current “clean-up” standard of less than 400 mg/kg of lead in bare soil in children’s play areas were present in the area of West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, Indiana.

    Thirty One Years Later We Have: Crimes Against Our Humanity in East Chicago, Indiana – Toxic Polluters Must Pay For The Cleanup!

    We should consider it a class and racial crime against our humanity when people of less means and of color are forced through economic and discriminatory circumstances to live adjacent to or directly on top of toxic metals which were understood to be potent poisons by the ancient Greeks well over 2,200 years ago.

    We should also consider it a crime against our future humanity for children whom attended a nearby school contaminated with the very same persistent toxic poisons…

    Given man’s ancient knowledge of the poisonous nature of LEAD and ARSENIC and the history of the involved industrial sites, the corporations and persons responsible have no excuse for not knowing the danger when the sale of contaminated land, subsequent development, and administration of the West Calumet Housing Complex took place in the early 1970’s.

    And LEAD and ARSENIC were well understood poisons in 1958 when the East Chicago Board of Education began planning the construction of the neighborhood Carrie Gosch School.

    Over 44 years of chronic exposures to these toxic poisons including the current 1,200 residents who are mostly young adults and children have taken place.

    The passage of numerous years or decades for “our” federal, state, and local government agencies to investigate and finally take actions to inform the public as to these health risks is an example of criminal or gross neglect at best and precisely how a “company town” works to protect corporate interests for years even at the expense of its own citizens…


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