Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 28 Aug

Three offerings today from the NWI Times. The first a brief report on yesterday’s community sharing of resources. Reporter Lauren Cross then features the fears and frustrations of West Calumet Complex residents dealing with an “accelerated timeline” of dislocation, fears and frustrations volunteers heard voiced on the streets of West Calumet yesterday.

The Times Editorial Board also produced their third editorial on the lead crisis, chiding current and prospective office holders on their dismal responses or lackthereof. One Lake County mayor noticed a glaring omission.

At posting time 70% of Times website visitors felt Indiana office holders were sending the wrong message by not being present in East Chicago.


2 thoughts on “Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 28 Aug

  1. Thank you for these updates. I think we are getting more national coverage- slim as it is- than anything from downstate. I also am concerned with the headline that the EPA rep said there is no comparison to Flint. What he actually said was the CAUSE is not comparable… He was not asked about the toxins, dangers, etc. Those, i believe are greater. Calumet crisis includes arsenic and other toxins.


  2. While Visclosky certainly owns some share of the blame, FWIW he stands out in the record as one of very few people who actually applied pressure for a solution. Visclosky pushed for an emergency Superfund listing of USS Lead in 1985: … unfortunately, after a brief flurry of activity that push succumbed to bureaucratic inertia, and there doesn’t seem to have been any subsequent follow-up from his office.


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