Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 26 Aug

Reminder that volunteers are meeting at 3816 Main St tomorrow at 2pm to deliver moving kits to West Calumet Complex residents, who must relocate by 30 November. Volunteers are asked to wear covered shoes, long pants, and long sleeve shirts and are advised to wash these clothes separately from other laundry or to dispose of them. Organizers also remind volunteers to not eat, drink, or smoke on West Calumet Complex grounds.

WBEZ’s Michael Puente had a 4-minute audio overview of the situation in East Chicago on All Things Considered this afternoon.  While is the EPA is claiming lead level elsewhere in Calumet will not be as high as those found in the West Calumet Complex, residents are nervously await reports and action plans.

If you enjoy political pablum, the NWI Times has collected a bunch of it, including the first communication from the office of Indiana governor Mike Pence, through spokeswoman Kara Brooks. Indiana Senator Dan Coats (R) has asked Obama to get federal EPA involved:

NWI blogger Rev Marie Siroky asks if a connection exists between soil contamination, water quality, and infant mortality. East Chicago has the highest Black infant mortality rate in the state. Indiana ranks 4th in the United States and Lake County ranks 4th in Indiana.

The federal EPA is hosting two informational open houses this Tuesday.

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