Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 25 Aug

Who knew exactly what? And when exactly did they know it? Those questions may be clarified soon. Very soon. Sources note that almost every public official in the city, present and near-past, is compromised in some way and say to expect bombshells over the next few days.

Meanwhile, according to a Post-Tribune article published this afternoon, West Calumet Complex residents have received notice from HUD that they must relocate by 30 November.

The report also details $200,000 in funding from the state of Indiana, the first acknowledgement of the crisis of any sort by the state. Half of the funds will be transferred from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority to the East Chicago Housing Authority for relocation. Half from the State Department of Health to the East Chicago Health Department to hire a nurse and an educator “to assist with lead testing and local education efforts.”

“Mobile news” – delivered thru social media – will soon be on the scene. Here’s a short overview from Newsy:

Seen on the streets of EC: a NY Times photographer and health reporter. Congressional staffer Mark Lopez. And behind closed-doors: a meeting between the EPA and the City of East Chicago.

Seen online:

(East Chiacgo? Spelling Matters, especially with hashtags.)

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