Calumet Lead Crisis Update – 16 Aug

Two national pieces make good starting points for those seeking context. The Young Turks, working with Veracity in Defiance, released a good, 7-minute visual overview of the crisis.

An article “An Indiana City Is Poised To Become The Next Flint” by Alex Zielinski , health reporter for Think Progress, captures the day-to-day struggles for West Calumet residents, the underlying neighborhood rivalries in East Chicago, and the difficulty of re-situating 346 households in a city where 80% of the land is zoned for heavy industry, the expansion of which has cannibalized parts of three neighborhoods.

Locally, two audio pieces offer expanded detail and analysis.

The NWI Times’ podcast Byline, the first of a promised two parts, captures how residents and journalists alike came to learn about the crisis, sometimes simultaneously. Occasionally the focus on the journalists distracts from the residents’ narratives, but excellent questions and fascinating insight into the workings of journalism are raised at the end, and really the whole thing is gripping. Looking forward to next week’s report.

East Chicago resident and Duneland Environmental Justice Alliance member Thomas Frank returned to Molotovs and Meditations and offers an expanded context of environmental injustices in the Calumet Region.


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