Gary Under Siege (Again): Dispatch 1

Gary Under Siege (Again): Dispatch 1
6 April 2016
Once again the GEO Group is attempting to build a for-profit prison in Gary. After a swift defeat last fall at the hands of an organized multi-racial anti-racist coalition the GEO Group has been welcomed back to Gary and they are preparing to attack with vengeance.

Once again the organized multi-racial anti-racist coalition led by Black Lives Matter NWI-Gary, The Northwest Indiana Interfaith Federation, 219MIGHT, and all of their comadres in struggle are ready and have mobilized. And we must call on the aid of comadres in struggle everywhere. Turn your attention to Gary. Help us build pressure to confront Mass Incarceration. And most of all, come to Gary on the afternoon of April 12 to shut down business as usual.

Last evening the coalition attended the first April Gary City Council meeting. While GEO was not on the agenda, the coalition successfully exploited interpersonal conflicts between city officials and the council’s weakness at handling procedural processes to fill the chambers with the cry: “NO G-E-O!”

This created uncomfortable confusion amongst the council, angering council president Ron Brewer enough to finally end the 30 minutes of petty, stupid personal sniping amongst the council and city attorney. Three coalition members then made the case against GEO and the meeting quietly petered out, with many council members quickly slipping out the building.

Out-of-town guests who’ve never witnessed Gary politics up-close were stunned at the incompetency of the council and videos captured by the coalition show how brazenly this is treated in Gary. As seen in video posted by Black Lives Matter, 6th district councilwoman LaVetta Sparks-Wade openly admits to procedural violations and even illegal procedural practices from this council! (“We did no follow the law…”) Imagine a half of hour this!
Everyone concerned about Human Rights should know that this is the deliberative body that could decide not only the economic future of this city but also if the racist Prison Industrial Complex is to grow stronger.

The coalition also learned that GEO has been invited to host an event at the Glen Theatre (20 Ridge Road) on April 29 at 5:30pm. Of course, GEO failed to keep past promises to hold community meetings in Hobart and Gary and we can see them running like chickenshit again. But we remain on guard.

We have also learned that the Miller Citizens Corporation, a tired and aging petty-bourgeois liberal organization, has invited GEO to present at their next board meeting on Monday, April 9, at Marquette Park Methodist Church (215 N Grand Blvd), 7:30 pm.

Our multi-racial anti-racist coalition welcomes all comadres in struggle. Join us in anyway you can (email: and please if you can join us in downtown Gary, Indiana on April 12 as we  confront directly the prison industrial complex.

1:34pm :: a poem for Gary against GEO by samuel a love, Gateway Park (north of city hall)
2:19pm :: 219MIGHT
2:30pm :: Prayer Rally led by Interfaith Federation, Gary City Hall
3:00pm :: Board of Zoning Appeal meeting, Gary City Hall


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