statement from 219MIGHT

November 12, 2015; Gary, Indiana; on the occasion of Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson withdrawing public support for the GEO Group in Gary, Indiana.

Gary, Indiana is a very organized city! We are honored to be playing a role in this.

219MIGHT was started two years ago to begin a struggle against the GEO Group in Hobart, a struggle we suspected would eventually play out in Gary. We were correct. What we didn’t anticipate was how swiftly the resistance organized and how seriously it was taken by elected officials.

Our coalition with Black Lives Matter NW Indiana/Gary, the Interfaith Federation, and numerous other groups and individuals continues. We encourage everyone who loves this city to attend the information forum at Gary City Hall on November 23, and also to attend the Zoning Board meeting next Monday, November 18. Specific details on these actions will be announced within the next two days.

We thank our allies in Joliet, Crete, and Hobart for their support, experience, and wisdom. To the people of Hobart, Indiana: 219MIGHT stands ready at any time to escalate resistance against GEO. And we stand ready to continue building friendships between these two consummate Region cities.

Finally, we extend thanks to Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson for her act of profound listening. She is the leader of a beautiful city and we accept her challenge to make it even more so. We have sent a message as to the kind of city we are and will become.


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