Vacant, unsecured properties in downtown Gary

Union Station
Façade – west facing, front open, one plywood board has been removed.
South wall – 7 of 8 ground level windows are unsecured.

500 block Broadway
561 – Façade – west facing, plywood removed from lobby door.
East wall – alley side, secured.
North wall – small opening on ground level, near back of building.

575 – Façade – west facing, secured.
East wall – building is accessible thru the alley.

600 block Broadway
632-8 – Façade- east facing.
West walls – alley side was not surveyed.

Post Office (6th and Massachusetts)
Façade – north facing, plywood on main entry has been ripped out and is laying on sidewalk.
West wall – Massachusetts side back entry, plywood has been ripped out and is laying in stairwell.
South east corner – chain link fence is breached next to building.

700 block Washington
717-31 and 733-51 are accessible through street and alley.

700 block Broadway
728-730 – West wall – accessible through alley

Palace Theatre – Façade – west facing, two breaches along Broadway.
South wall – plywood removed from doorway facing 8th, near alley.
East wall – three full sized openings into building from the alley.

Memorial Auditorium 
Façade – chain link fence has been breached for years.

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